Case Study: StormSource

Stormsource is a software company that is best known for Appointment-plus.  In the last three years they have gone from 25 employees to 90 and their explosive growth continues.  They were housed in 3 different suites of their original office building with spaces and functions cobbled together to fit the spaces they had.  They were able to attract an investment group and are beginning to attract the attention of potential buyers and so decided it was time to create a space that was really theirs.  They found a space in a building they liked and initially tried to work with the walls and spaces that were there but in the end, decided that they wanted to see what it would cost to do it right.  We came in and gave the “future of work” talk to the leadership team and then ran several employee workshops to assess their needs.  The existing space was so far from optimal we couldn’t glean those needs from observation.  We proposed back to them a physical brand that would still speak to their start up culture but help them appear to be a serious business to investors and buyers.  We proposed a layout that used existing walls and spaces where possible but still supported the collaborative culture they wanted.  We put together a furniture budget and plan that gave them the full commercial option and one that gave them a mix of that plus their existing and “good enough” (, ikea) to stretch the start up budget.  The space is under construction now.