Case Study: Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch was being hit hard by the micro-brew market.  They decided to launch a physical space advertising campaign in conjunction with their video/print campaign that was focusing on the craft of Budweiser.  We were provided as a consultant to bar owners in high traffic areas such as airports and stadiums.  We would fly in, generate a plan to convert their space to a Budweiser Brewhouse, create a budget, work with legal to see how much of that design could be funded by Anheuser Busch within the parameters of local liquor laws, finalize cost to the owner, and get agreement, all within 48 hours.  If the bar owner/operator was ready to go forward, we went into detail design mode working with a set designer to create a mini-brewhouse including tanks and trains and other paraphernalia from Anheuser Busch Archives, so that the “home crafted of quality ingredients” messaging was apparent in the environment.  The campaign lasted 3 years and was highly successful for Anheuser Busch.